Watch: Kathleen's Story

Watch: Kathleen’s Story

Kathleen is one of 70,000 Mainers who would have access to life-saving health care if voters pass Question 2 at the ballot this November. Like Kathleen, these folks are working, often in low paying jobs, and don’t qualify for Medicaid, but make too little to afford insurance premiums. They’re stuck in a coverage “gap” and without Medicaid expansion they won’t get the care they need.

Voting “Yes” on 2 means tens of thousands of Mainers will be able to afford lifesaving health care and it would mean our rural hospitals and community clinics would receive critical funding - creating thousands of new jobs for nurses, doctors and health care workers.

In the end, this campaign is about people like Kathleen: our friends and neighbors who are working hard, just trying to get by without the safety and security of health coverage. No one should be forced to decide whether or not they can afford life-saving health care. This November we can change that.