Health Care Providers Endorse Question 2

Health care providers from across the state are endorsing Question 2 to expand Medicaid. Every day they see patients go without the treatments they need because they don’t have access to health care. When Mainers are forced to choose between paying the bills or paying for care, they put off treatment until it's too late, often with costly consequences for themselves and their communities.

They support Question 2 because expanding access to health care for 70,000 Mainers means that our family, friends and neighbors will be able to get the care they need when they need it rather than seeking out costly emergency room care when it’s too late.

Question 2 endorsed by:

Aimee Chapman, Nurse
Andrew Hersey
Angela Fileccia, MSW, LCSW
Anita King, RN
Ann Lovegren, FNP
Ann Morrill, APRN, BC (Ret)
Anne Graham, MSN, RN, PNP
Anne Lunt, RN
Dr. Benjamin Hagopian
Carol Freshley, NP
Carolyn McNamara, FNP
Catherine Ryder, Behavioral Health Executive
Cathyrn Wimett
Christina Scenna
Constance W. Jordan, PNP
Corinne LaPlant
Dr. Christian Jorns
Dr. Cindy Avery
Dr. Connie Adler
Dr. Daniel K. Onion, MPH
Deirdre Sulka-Meister
Dr. Elizabeth Rothe
Eleanor Schneid, FNP
Elizabeth Jackson
Gary McGrane
Gwendolyn Doak
Heidi Larson, MD, MBA
Dr. Hani Jarawan
Dr. Heidi Larson, MBA, Medical Director for Population Health at EMMC
Dr. Iris Silverstein
Dr. Jane Pringle
Dr. Jennifer McConnell
Dr. Joel Guarna
Dr. Julie Keller Pease, Psychiatrist
Jacqueline P Fournier, NP
Jaime Johnson, RN
Jane Nichols-Ecker, PA
Janet Houghton, RN (Ret)
Janice David
Janice Locke, Nurse Midwife
Jean Dyer, RN
Jean Wakem, LCSW
Jennifer Laflamme, RN
Joan Churchill
John Rosenwald
Juliana L'Heureux
Julie M Schirmer, LCSW
Karen Mueller
Kathryn Vezina, RN, Esq. 
Kathy Cormier, RN
Lauren Breau
Lisa Lisins, RN
Dr. Lauren Ciszak
Dr. Lisa A Clarcq
Dr. Mark Lupinetti
Dr. Megan A Staton
Dr. Minda Gold
Marte McNally, LCPC
Martin Sabol
Marty Braga, LCPC
Mary Caryl, RN
Mary Haynes-Rodgers
Mary Jeralds, RN
Meret Bainbridge 
Myrna Robinson
Nastasha Stitham, NP
Dr. Nina Trowbridge
Dr. Patricia J Phillips
Patricia Boston, RN (Ret)
Patricia Murray
Paul Parker
Dr. Rebecca Kowaloff 
Dr. Renee Witlen
Dr. Robert Grace
Ron Cormier, NP
Sherri Jordan
Dr. Sam Bergman
Dr. Scott Schiff-Slater
Dr. Sharon McDonnell, MPH
Dr. Steve Bien
Dr. Sydney R. Sewall
Dr. Tara Aumand
Dr. Thomas L. Johnson
Dr. Todd Michaelis
Therese and David Johnson
Zoe Sahloul